One morning, your mother invites you to lunch.

At first, you look forward to catching up with her. But what should be the simple act of communication only serves to remind you of the disconnect that exists.

Development log


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I really enjoyed this! My entire family is American and I've lived her my whole life so I know very little about many other cultures, and getting to learn about them is really interesting! I also very much enjoyed the style. Thank you for this game! 


thank you for the kind comment! :)

It's a nice short narrative game. You can try to add more multiple choice like a fork in the road and each choice has a different ending.

thanks for the suggestion!

Oof, as an AsAm I felt that order anxiety. Nice game :)

thank you for playing!! :DDD

really really enjoyed this! the aesthetic really complimented the message. it's a complicated thing to balance who you feel you are with identities that you were born with/want to connect to.

thank you! :)